What should I do when I feel stuck in my work

What should I do when I feel stuck in my work?

When you feel stuck in your work, it’s like navigating a maze with no clear path forward. The frustration, stress, and self-doubt can be paralysing, but there are actionable steps you can take to regain your momentum and find your way to success.


  1. Identify the Root Cause: To overcome that feeling of being stuck in your work, you first need to identify what’s causing it. Is it a lack of motivation, a challenging project, or a disconnection from your purpose? Pinpointing the root cause is the first step toward a solution.
  2. Reconnect with Your Why: Take a moment to revisit your initial motivation for choosing your profession. What inspired you in the first place? Sometimes, reminding yourself of your purpose can reignite your passion and drive.
  3. Break Down Tasks: Feeling overwhelmed by a big project or workload is a common cause of feeling stuck. Break down your tasks into smaller, manageable steps. This approach makes the workload more digestible and less daunting.
  4. Seek Guidance and Mentorship: Don’t hesitate to seek advice or mentorship from colleagues or industry experts. They can provide valuable insights and share their experiences, which may help you see new perspectives and solutions.
  5. Set SMART Goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound (SMART) goals can give you a clear direction and purpose. Define what you want to achieve and create a roadmap to get there.
  6. Embrace Creativity: Sometimes, a fresh perspective is all you need. Embrace creativity in your work, whether it’s brainstorming new ideas, trying different approaches, or collaborating with others. Creativity can break the monotony and spark innovation.
  7. Time Management: Efficiently managing your time can alleviate the feeling of being stuck. Prioritize your tasks, eliminate distractions, and establish a daily schedule that maximizes your productivity.
  8. Self-Care: Don’t neglect self-care, especially when you’re feeling stuck at work. Take breaks, practice mindfulness, and ensure you’re physically and mentally well. A healthy body and mind are essential for productivity.
  9. Learn and Adapt: Use periods of feeling stuck as opportunities to learn and grow. Identify areas where you can improve your skills or knowledge and invest time in continuous learning.
  10. Celebrate Achievements: Even small victories deserve recognition. Celebrate your accomplishments, no matter how minor they seem. Acknowledging your progress can boost your confidence and motivation.
  11. Network and Collaborate: Connect with peers in your industry. Collaboration and networking can introduce you to fresh ideas, opportunities, and solutions you might not have considered.
  12. Evaluate Your Environment: Sometimes, feeling stuck can be linked to your work environment. Ensure your workspace is conducive to productivity and consider making changes if necessary.

Of course, it might not be easy to take the steps listed above. Perhaps it’s hard to get in touch with your motivation, or perhaps you’re not sure what direction you should be putting your effort into.

And, as happens quite commonly, the reason you’re feeling stuck could be to do with unconscious programming that you have taken on-board at a young age that is now holding you back in preventing you from taking the steps forward that you would like to take.

If any of these reasons resonate with you, or if emotional issues are troubling you or holding you back in some way, let’s have a chat. There is every possibility that I can help you quickly let them go, possibly in only a session or two.

Finally, feeling stuck in your work is a common challenge, but it doesn’t have to be a permanent state. By identifying the root causes, setting clear goals, seeking support and inspiration, and practicing self-care, you can break free from the rut and find renewed passion and purpose in your profession. Remember, your journey to success is an ongoing process, and every step you take brings you closer to your goals.

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