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"Feeling Good When Things Go Bad: How to Quickly and Easily Dissolve Your Negative Emotions"

As its title suggests, this incredibly helpful 60-page e-book outlines, in a careful, step-by-step manner, a simple and easily-learnt  method of calming fears or other negative emotions that you might have as a result of any health, financial, relationship or other problems that you might be facing, or have to deal with from time to time.

To begin with, this will help with any troublesome emotions that you might be experiencing on a day-today basis, especially at this challenging time.

As an additional massive bonus, you will be able to use this method to remove any negative or otherwise unpleasant emotions left over from past events in your life.

You could well find that yourself using this method as a form of daily habit to reduce the impact of any unwanted feelings that might crop up as you go about your day.

It is based on sections of the book “Overcoming Financial Stress”,  also by Leigh D WilsonYou can learn more about him further below.

Limited time offer – ONLY $9.99 USD plus GST where applicable.

Leigh D Wilson

Leigh D Wilson

BE (Hons), FIEAust Master Executive Coach, Author & Performance Consultant

It has been written by Leigh D Wilson, a Master Executive Coach & Author who, as the author of another book on overcoming fear due to financial problems, has helped many people overcome a range of emotional issues and other personal challenges.

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Feeling Good When Things Go Bad collection

Limited time offer – ONLY $9.99 USD plus GST where applicable.

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