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"Feeling Good When Things Go Bad: How to Quickly and Easily Dissolve Your Negative Emotions"

As its title suggests, this 60-page e-book outlines, in a careful step-by-step manner, a simple method of calming any fears that you are experiencing as a result of any health, financial or other issues that you might be facing.

To begin with, this will help with any negative emotions that you have about your health, your well-being and your finances at this challenging time.

Once you have learnt this method, you will be able to use it for a whole range of unwanted emotions arising from events in the present or in the past.

It is based on sections of the author’s earlier book “Overcoming Financial Stress”

You can go to https://feelinggood.converti.com to learn more about it or purchase it, or by clicking on the image of the book opposite, which will take you to that site.

"Overcoming Financial Stress: How to Conquer Your Financial Fears and Create a Better Future"

This is the second edition of “Surviving Financial Meltdown” described further below.

Apart from the change to a more appropriate title for these times, there have been only minor typographical changes to the content of this book.

You can go to https://overcomingfinancialstress.com to learn more about it or purchase it, directly on Amazon in both ebook and paperback versions by clicking on the image of the book opposite and be taken to the Amazon sales page.

"Surviving Financial Meltdown: How to Triumph over Personal Financial Hardship and Unleash Your True Potential"

In his insightful and helpful book, “Surviving Financial Meltdown”, which is part autobiography and part self-help manual, Master Executive Coach and Author, Leigh D Wilson, describes the lessons he learned some years ago as he overcame the financial stresses of near-bankruptcy and the tools he now uses to help clients deal with financial and other forms of stress.

You can go to https://survivingfinancialmeltdown.com to learn more about this book or purchase it directly on Amazon in both ebook & paperback versions by clicking on the image  of the book opposite and be taken to the Amazon sales page.

Australian readers might chose to purchase the paperback version locally using the button below to be taken to our shopping cart. This will probably provide you with lower postal charges and you will receive a copy personally signed by the author.

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