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"Release Unwanted Emotions" Audio

Are you unsettled or disturbed by unwanted emotions such as anger, sadness, anxiety, stress, shame, hatred, greed, jealousy etc?

The audio track, “Release Unwanted Emotions” has been created to help you remove unwanted emotions and feelings such as these: emotions and feelings that are inappropriate, excessive, persistent. The type of emotions that are not “normal” because they are excessive for the particular situation you find yourself in.

Of course, feelings and emotions originate in a particular situation for a good reason at the time: to guide us, to warn us, to motivate us, to protect us etc. but they sometimes persist well after they have served their original purpose.

You might find that you have this unwanted reaction repeatedly in a range of different but somewhat related situations. There is something about these situations that trigger the unwanted emotions or feelings.

This reaction to situations can be unsettling or distressing and can even be harmful in your relationships with others. So, it can be a good idea to remove the trigger that sets you off.

The processes that I take you through on this audio will help you do that and leave you feeling inspired and uplifted.

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"10-Minute Mindfulness Relaxation Meditation" audio

Do you find yourself feeling physically and emotionally tense, stressed and anxious a lot of the time?

How helpful would it be for you to have a very simple technique to use when these feelings start to get on top of you, so that you can quickly relax and unwind before moving on to the remainder of your day?

Many of us find that our busy connected lives, being on the go much of the day, feeling that we have to get things done faster and faster, gives rise to stress and physical and emotional tension, along with other negative feelings.

Living like this can become very uncomfortable and can make it harder to get things done to achieve our goals. It can also cloud our thinking, so we lose some of our creativity, making things worse.

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“Better Sleep Hypnosis” audio

Enjoy BETTER sleep once again!

Fall to sleep more easily and sleep more soundly with fewer interruptions during the night.

Sleep is absolutely fundamental to our health and well-being, yet it is often disturbed and of low quality.

Perhaps you have difficulty falling to sleep due to a busy mind or find yourself waking unnecessarily several times during the night, possibly finding it difficult to get back to sleep.

Then, after all this, you wake feeling tired and stale, rather than refreshed and eager to get on with the day ahead.

There are many really important reasons to find ways to improve the quality and quantity of your sleep, and these audio tracks, recorded in the hypnotic voice of Leigh D Wilson, will help you get to sleep more readily and improve the quality of your sleep, stirring less as you slumber peacefully.

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“Stress-Buster Hypnosis Pack”

Reduce your stress and live more freely

Purchase this pack of three powerful hypnotic stress-relieving MP3 audios at a significantly reduced price 

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